"Not Alone" by Shadowlands is a response to the covid-19 pandemic lockdown. It was inspired by videos of quarantined Italians singing from their balconies. It reminds us that, while keeping personal distance, we are still connected. 

The initial harp, guitar and vocal tracks were recorded at home by Karoline Hausted and Mark Davis.  Wendy and Bob Liepman added harmony and cello to the shared tracks from their home. 

photo Karoline Hausted

“Not Alone” / SHADOWLANDS 

You are not alone 

The sun will kiss you 

You are not alone 

The earth is with you 

She rises up to meet 

The bottoms of your feet 

She holds you where you stand 

She holds you when you sleep 

Though you feel the ache of isolation 

Still there is no real separation 

Our lives are intertwined 

Like honeysuckle vines 

And though we are apart 

You’re vibrant in my mind 

Open up your window now 

The streets are full of song 

Step out on your balcony 

And we’ll sing along

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