Ok, we are in October now and the dust may have settled around the oak trees, but we are still thinking back at Live Oak Festival with great joy! On this bright June day we set out at 6am heading towards the Hot Licks Stage, where we were to play at 9am, expecting only a few enthusiastic early birds to be around. But boy, were we wrong! We played to a whole tent full of an enthusiastic and engaged audience, who radiated this friendly, happy and peaceful shimmer that was to characterize the entire festival all day through. Following Steve Key & Band's riveting set the crowd was well awake and we entered the stage to the most warm and cheerful welcome we could ask for. Playing the Hot Licks Stage was another great milestone for our little band, we enjoyed every moment of it, and we want to thank all of you who came out to see us! We spent the rest of the day at the festival, chilling and listening to great music. Thank you KCBX Live Oak Music Festival for having us, see you next year!!

Photos of Shadowlands by Gary Robertshaw



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Shadowlands Live at the NTM Awards

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