The first studio sessions with producer and engineer Damon Castillo are (sadly) about to end; we have finished all recordings for our 4 songs and we are moving into the process of mastering, artworking and releasing!

Last Wednesday, drummer Abraham Robles stopped by Laurel Lane to lay down tracks for “Restless Mind” – an upbeat ¾ song that we really enjoy playing live. Abraham completely nailed “Sunlight Support” the week before, so we had high expectations – and they were of course satisfied!

What a brilliant and energetic drummer he is!

And Damon is editing and mixing to perfection, he captures the essence of every performance and brings it to a new level of exquisite sound  - we are all in awe!

The evening session ends around midnight, but don’t worry says Damon; “I called all your bosses and had them give you tomorrow off...”

That might (yet) be beyond Damon’s power, but…..

We love this guy!!!

And if everything goes as planned and the sun, moon and stars are with us, we will return to Laurel Lane SOON and record the remaining tracks for the Shadowlands Full Album.


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